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Welcome to the website of
March Winds Publishers and author Charlie March!

Please navigate through the site's pages to read Charlie's biography, insights behind his published books, and his extensive photos of ancient places in Jordan, Syria, and Britain. Charlie spent many days in Jordan and Syria photographing ancient cities as well has hiking the Hadrian's Wall Path and researching medieval parish churches in England. We also encourage you to visit our photos page to see some amazing images of these places. A number of them will grace future publications.

The March Winds Publisher's logo you see on our homepage is symbolic of how we perceive our confident journey through life's inclement weather. Likewise it illustrates my philosophy behind how I approach my writing.

A walk through a wooded park as storms blow and tug on our great coats is an illustrated metaphor for what we often experience during our life's span of days. Shielded by our umbrellas of faith against the unpredictable trials of wind and rain, we tread along our life's paths toward a bright sky, swirling with hope and promise. We set our backs to the past leaving behind bitterness and disappointment and push forward to embrace the challenges, accomplishments and joy awaiting us just beyond the rise. In reality, this image is very similar to the walks my wife Cathy and I took through the beautiful parkland of Windsor Great Park during the years we lived in England. This could very well be our self portrait for that time in our lives. The detail of lines inked on this illustration also illustrate the aspect of life that it is never something to be glossed over, people and history never to be type-cast in broad brush strokes painted in muted pastels over a blank canvass. The meanings to things are often found in the details so we are compelled to turn the everyday stuff we take for granted and view it from new perspectives. My books are a new take on things and I hope you will enjoy them! 

Links from the author:

To keep my love of English Norman and Gothic architecture alive, I have created an educational tour that studies the architecture, history, and religious life of England's medieval cathedrals and parish churches.

I also contract design/build construction projects on the San Francisco south peninsula under Charles March Construction, CA Lic. #655817.